Specialized tourism in: OTHERS, DARK TOURISM

In chile, dark tourism is very recent, a couple of years ago some agencies began in this interesting type of tourism. For this time I chose this agency located in Santiago.

TOUR OPERATOR : Patrimonio vivo ltda. http://www.pvl.cl



Fan page facebook: Patrimonio Vivo Ltda.


Patrimonio Vivo Ltda. It is a Patrimonial Tourism company focused on tours guided by mysterious places marked historically. Includes only the tour and a transport agreement with V & L transport (contact: +56953707319)



It is special because it is an interesting way of knowing heritage sites and with much history in an entertaining and innovative way, allows to mix the mystery with history.

According to the opinions in its fan page, is evaluated in 4.9 of 5 stars.


´RUTA DE LA PESTE’ It is an impressive combination between the former San Jose hospital and the General Cemetery. The Route has as its main thread the great epidemic of cholera in 1887. It explores the vestiges of a Victorian Chile with its lights and shadows. In the tour you will discover the visible traces of the history of the national monument ex hospital San José.

´RUTA DE MISTERIOS DEL CEMENTERIO PART 1 & 2´ It is a route guided by the western and east zone of the General Cemetery that goes in search of victims, victimizers and anecdotal personages buried in the same place. During this tour the guide will reveal the stories of some of the most popular murders and deaths in Santiago.

Schedule from 21:30 hrs. Value: $ 5,000 each person (Parking inside the Cemetery).

Duration: 3 hours app.


Do you think there are any other niches that could be catered for? Is there a ‘gap in the market’? Think about your own hobbies and interests.

If I focus on the same specialized tourism that I wrote about, I think that although it’s a good alternative for tourists, it can always be better, even in the same region of Valparaiso, I have the knowledge that in Valparaiso it is done Dark tourism only in cemeteries, but why not include more places? There are abandoned houses, places, squares, places full of stories and legends, could be better exploited, and I am sure that in the future,  dark tourism will take more force in the business.








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