The activity of tourism has increased with the Internet, as I wrote in the last post about web 2.0, based on this we can finally ask about what sites would be good giving information about tourism and provide a good service.

For this time, I chose the site chileestuyo.cl after visiting the variety that web allow us to know, I thought this site was very complete, where we can find answer to all a tourist could need.

It is all about my country, Chile. First, the page gives detailed information about each of the Chilean regions, a small description, ways to get to places, tips about the weather and what clothes to use, and of course, the most popular local places. Also, it gives you a guide to know what to do in the regions of the country, tourist attractions, such as places, monuments, or restaurants to visit, etc. Another tool that the page gives us is a list of events throughout Chile to be aware at the time of travel, this helps the tourist to better organize their stay in the region that is going to visit. It has online maps, brochures, physical addresses of tourist places. Finally, we can find a catalog for accommodation gastronomy, activities, transportation, agencies, and tourist packages. In these categories we have filters to find exactly what we are looking for. All this information is complemented by pictures of the places.


I invite you to visit this site, it’s interactive and informative.




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