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How beneficial/problematic is the Web 2.0 for the Tourism Industry?

Since the internet arrived, everything changed, the communication was facilitated by this tool. Nowadays, the web allow us to do whatever we want in a easier way, we can make social life, search information, post videos, ideas, pictures, buy, sell, offer products, etc. If we  focus on the impact of the web on the Industry of Tourism, we can rescue a lot of positive things.

The publicity becomes more effective thanks to the web: Starting by the fact that web is a facilitator for the people, Why would it be important for tourism? The answer seems obvious, Tourism is a business, and as any business needs to expand as far as possible. Web 2.0 allows this and much more.  Tourism companies seek to offer travel, hotels, flights, and many other services to customers, before the web existed everything worked through brochure advertising, perhaps television, but always limited to only one sector that could receive the information. In a positive way, now all that offer and information can be seen by all the world.

It facilitates payment, reservation, and price comparison: Tourism agencies used to consolidate their sales in the physical place where they were or through a telephone, nowadays, there are thousands of ways to do it, for customers it is much easier, since they have websites with all the Information of companies, email in case of doubt, and can even pay online. The web allows to discover a greater variety of offers at the tourism level, even the same companies motivate the use of social networks and pages available to know about them, making contests, offers only for internet, etc.
In conclusion it can be said that the web came to increase the growth of the economy in tourism, however, we must be careful, because there is always the danger of falling into scams. The web as much as the real world, has good things but also risks.


One thought on “How beneficial/problematic is the Web 2.0 for the Tourism Industry?

  1. are negative too, don’t you think? we have more posibilities to expand everyone and now we need more offer in tourism, because expand so fast and people offer tourism for less price to be chosen as companie before they choose another. you speak about how is beneficial for the people, not about how beneficial is for tourism.


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